Daily Global Meditation and Podcast

global meditationWelcome to the Global Meditation Network! 

Are you a seeker of Truth? Have you been wanting to deepen your connection to your spiritual center? Would you like to engage in a regular spiritual practice that can bring new energy into your life but you are not sure where to start? You are invited to join our daily global meditations!

The daily global meditation is a spiritual practice where individuals from all over the world to join together every day to engage in a 15-minute group meditation, with the intention of being a channel of the Love and Light of our One Infinite Creator. The intention is that these energies will therefore be more available on the Earth, and accessible to those that are calling for them at this time. 

Some spiritual traditions say that we are part of a shared collective consciousness and in essence, are all one. Likewise, some science indicates that we are fundamentally connected at a quantum level. By engaging in group meditation we may be able to tap into this connected field of energy/consciousness, broadening our understanding of ourselves, both individually, and collectively as a human race. It is our prayer that regular group meditation can establish a deeper connection to our Source, while supporting the raising of consciousness on the planet as a whole.

If you’d like, please join our daily global meditations and drop us a note in the comments area letting us know you stopped by.

We also offer a semi-weekly podcast exploring topics related to spiritual evolution. So far we have primarily explored the body of work known by some as The Law of One material, published by L/L Research. You can listen to our podcast on your favorite podcast service or at our Global Meditation Podcast page.

In love and service,

Darby Miller