Daily Global Meditations

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Welcome to the Global Meditation Network! 

Are you a seeker of truth? Have you been wanting to deepen your connection to your spiritual center? Would you like to engage in a regular spiritual practice that can bring new energy into your life but you are not sure where to start? You are invited to join our daily global meditations!

The Global Meditation Network is a group of like minded spiritual seekers from all over the world that get together every day to engage in group meditation and healing. Together we are creating a group morphic field that grows stronger and stronger every time we engage in our global meditation.

Currently the meditation club is lead by the founder of the Global Meditation Network, Darby Miller, as well as other guest presenters (maybe you?). Darby has a diverse background in different models of energetic and spiritual healing as well as Sufi mysticism, remote viewing, and dream work. He has been passionate about the exploration of consciousness since a spiritual awakening in his early twenties. While looking for a way to more actively serve others on his spiritual path, and feeling a need to create community, he had the idea of creating the network and engaging on a path of discovery and spiritual unfoldment with other seekers on the path.

Many spiritual traditions and information says that we are part of a shared collective consciousness and in essence, are all one. Science says that we are fundamentally connected at a quantum level. By engaging in group meditation we may be able to tap into this expanded level of awareness, broadening our understanding of ourselves, both individually, and collectively as a human race.

In addition, there is evidence to believe that people meditating in a group can influence societal trends with their consciousness. It may be possible that with a regular group global meditation we can help raise the consciousness of the planet.

I created a 10 minute video on the benefits meditation when I first launched the Global Meditation Network back in 2012 that discusses some of these ideas and research into this area. You can watch it below:

We view this websites as a jumping off point for exploration of consciousness and new ideas that can usher in a golden era of humanity for ourselves and future generations. Please join our daily global meditations and drop us a note in the comments area letting us know you stopped by. We look forward to sharing much more with you as we continue to grow and expand.

In love and service,

Darby Miller and the Global Meditation Network Team