Can Meditation Change the World?

Many spiritual traditions and now science says that we are all fundamentally connected in a web of energy – that we ARE energy, and that our prayers and conscious (and unconscious) intentions can influence this energy. Scientific studies have shown that our conscious does affect both the micro and macro building blocks of reality.

It is thought that in meditation we can connect to aspects of ourselves that exist at a higher level of consciousness. Accessing this higher level of consciousness can help us to see our lives with new perspectives, and make decisions guided from our higher selves. In addition, meditating with others in a group my create a “quickening” effect of the general consciousness of humankind. In this time of varied crises, let us gather together to do our part in raising the consciousness of the planet to support us all in making enlightened choices and create a world of beauty, peace and love.

You can watch the video below for more information on the individual and global benefits of meditation:

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