Fukushima Earthquake Peace Meditation

We just conducted a live global meditation focused on the Fukushima earthquake that occurred earlier this morning, Japanese time. Tsunami warnings are in effect, and people are being asked to evacuate. This meditation is designed to use our collective group consciousness to send love, light and healing to the people, land and ocean in the Fukushima area, and to visualize the oceans staying calm and in a normal state.

Daily Global Meditation – 11/21/16

In today’s daily global meditation we explored the opening of the heart to divine love. I employed some toning and we played around with some mantras. At the end of the meditation we sent love to the earth and to someone we know.  Enjoy!

Daily Global Meditation – 11/7/16

Hi everyone. Here is our recorded global meditation for the day. The first 20 minutes are me talking about my thoughts about this online global meditation concept, what I think the challenges are, and how to best move forward to create momentum. The last 15 minutes is silent meditation in the field of the heart. Please feel free to leave your comments as to what you’d like to see the Global Meditation Network be about as we continue to grow and expand. In Love and Light, Darby.

Daily Global Meditation – 10/31/16

Happy Halloween! Here is the recording of our very groggy daily global meditation. I was very sleepy today I let myself sleep in today and then was recording my dreams and playing around with the “dream voice” concept I have heard about from David Wilcock until right before today’s meditation. Today my dream voice said that “silence is the key”.

Daily Global Meditation – 10/27/16

Below is the recorded meditation of today’s global meditation. I shared my thoughts about the ongoing ecological destruction happening on the planet, which was prompted by an article I read on CNN that we are in the middle of a 6th mass extinction event on the earth, and a news story I heard on NPR about yesterday’s bombing of a school in Syria that killed over 20 children and teachers. How do we respond to such disheartening and enraging news like this, and take constructive action as responsible global citizens if the face of something that seems huge and unstoppable? A shift in mass consciousness must happen, and perhaps the first step is going inside and asking what can I do, getting guidance, and then taking action.

Daily Global Meditation 10/26/2016

Here is today’s global meditation. Try the healing in the second half of the meditation and see if you notice a shift in your relationship with the person or problem. See you tomorrow!

Daily Global Meditation – 10/25/16

Here is our daily global meditation and healing for today! I was a little distracted today and felt a little off. However, after it was over I find myself feeling more enthused about what is possible here. I think the key is finding the right format. One challenge that I have is I find myself feeling like I need to engage the viewer, and so am speaking more than I feel is necessary. I want this to be a useful service, and I feel that the format needs to fine tune itself, which I am sure it will continue to do so.

One option is to create a beginner video where we go over some basic “tuning in” concepts such as grounding, opening the heart, etc., and just have the live meditation itself be completely silent except for the music. In other words, there is 15 minutes of silent group meditation followed by the healing. However, many people will be watch this meditation in a recorded format and 15 minutes of silent meditation may not be very useful to people. What not just meditate on your own without the video?

The initial concept of the Global Meditation Network was to have everyone meditating as a group at the same time and to build a powerful group consciousness that could effect change. However, it is challenging to build up momentum and have that many people actually tuning in at the same time. It takes a deep commitment to do so. Plus many people literally can’t meditate live at a set time due to a job, their timezone, etc..  

One interesting thing is the idea that our consciousness can transcend time. When I practice Matrix Energetics, for instance, one concept we use is time travel, where you can take your consciousness back in time to the source point of an issue and open to a shift in the event. Psychics and remote viewers travel in time with their consciousness all the time, and we do so in dreams as well, getting prophetic information about upcoming events. Thusly, having a recorded meditation that people could view at whatever time of the day works for them would be ideal and could still tap into the group meditation effect. A video like this might need to be intellectually engaging, otherwise people would not likely want to tune into it. 

For instance, I am a subscriber of Gaia.com, where I watch a variety of different videos on metaphysical and “alternative” subjects that interest me such as channeling, consciousness, ET contact, UFOs, remote viewing, etc.. I will watch these videos at odd hours of the day or night, whenever I have some free time. I do so because I find the topics stimulating and inspiring.

I’d like the content we produce at the Global Meditation Network to be of similar service, but with a bent toward practical application. 

I think one useful way to provide content would be by channeling information from sources of higher consciousness. I am experimenting with channeling, but it would appear I have a long way to go before I can be useful in this way to other people. Given what I have just discussed I think having the meditations be guided in parts is important for the videos to be engaging.

For me the most enjoyable part is the healings, as I like being a channeling for this energy stream and feel it is definitely useful for people, even if they are not consciously aware of definite shifts at the moment.

I have to go!  Good talk! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions in the comment box.



When I first created the Global Meditation Network back in 2012 it was with the idea of assisting others in creating a regular practice that would help them connect to a field of other like-minded meditators sharing the intention to raise the consciousness of the planet to a higher vibration of love and unity.

Today while in the shower I heard John Lennon’s Imagine on the radio and I have never heard the lyrics more clearly than I did today.Sometimes the lyrics have struck me as trite, or the general idea of the song as almost cliché.

Perhaps because I am tired on a Saturday morning after a long week of work and my defenses are down, I heard the lyrics as if they were coming from my very soul themselves, as if they were verbalizing the passionate core reason for being here right now, and the vision I see when I look at the world. Have you ever really listened to Imagine? This is the world I want to live in:

“Imagine” by John Lennon

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today… Aha-ah…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace… You…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world… You…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

How a $200,000 Horse Taught a Woman to Focus Her Mind.

BeforeIMG_0953 I share my story, I would just like to share a little bit about myself. My name is Christine Mooney and I’m on a continual spiritual quest to get the most out of life that I can and help the most people that I can. Part of that quest involves reading as many spiritual and scientific books as I can. I’m currently reading a book called E-Squared by Pam Grout, and a particular chapter in that book reminded me of a very real experience I had many years ago. 

The fourth chapter in E-Squared is called “The Abracadabra Principle: Whatever You Focus on Expands”. Instead of trying to paraphrase what she said in that chapter and butchering it, I’m quoting the relevant part here:

The only reason we don’t change water into wine or heal cancer with one touch is because our thoughts are scattered all over the place. Instead of being one, constant, well-aimed tuning fork, our thoughts are more like a junior high band of beginning trumpet players. On one hand, we pray for things to work out, but on the other, we worry they won’t. At the same time we imagine a positive outcome, we secretly think optimism is a bunch of baloney. We want to be committed to a relationship with so-and-so, but what if he leaves? We want to make money, but didn’t the Bible say something about camels and rich people and the eye of a needle? The force is literally bouncing off walls. Go this way. No, wait; go that way. It’s knocking around like a lightning bug in a Mason jar. It’s being dissipated because we have no clear bead on what we really want. It’s not that the field of potentiality isn’t answering our prayers. It’s just that we’re “praying” for too many things.

Grout, Pam (2013-01-28). E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality (pp. 72-73). Hay House Insights. Kindle Edition. 

When I read this passage, I felt a certain amount of anxiety, which I realize isn’t helping anything! I feel like my thoughts are constantly bouncing around and not being aimed in any one direction. Part of that is that I suffer from intense obsessive compulsive disorder, about which I feel there are many misconceptions out there. Based on popular opinion, I feel like people hear the term OCD and they assume I’m a neat freak, or am constantly straightening picture frames! In reality, at least in my reality, I have a hard time controlling my thoughts. I am constantly counting things in my head, such as windows in houses I drive by, taillights on cars, steps going upstairs, swallows while I’m drinking, and on and on. 

Another big feature for me is that I have what I call a negative tape loop that plays every bad experience I’ve ever had in my life over and over and over again. It’s usually really hard for me to fall asleep because I can’t turn my thoughts off. I’m already on some medication that helps my depression and alleviates my OCD a little bit, but it’s still something I struggle with every day. 

This passage in Pam’s book scared me because I felt like I would have a really hard time focusing positive thoughts constantly. Her description about “knocking around like a lightning bug in a Mason jar” sums up my brain activity perfectly! Then I remembered an experience I had a long time ago. 

I was friends with a girl who was very into horses, and I had taken lessons on and off and loved horses as well. She was working at a large horse stable at the time I knew her and would get to ride for free in exchange for cleaning out the barn. I went with her one day and after spending hours cleaning the barn, we were allowed to ride some horses. The horse I rode was named L.A. Aftershock, and she was worth $200,000. She was a VERY well trained horse! When I got on her back for the first time, she started wandering around all over the place. Of course I wondered what was wrong with that horse! Then I realized that she was so well trained, and I was so inexperienced, that she was responding to every little cue my body was giving her. Once I settled my body down, our riding went much more smoothly. When I was on her back,  she made me a better rider. I was forced to control my physical body because if it gave any unintentional cue to do something, she would do it!

My point is that our thoughts are the same way. Everything in our environment is a direct result and reflection of our thoughts. We need to train our minds to stay calm and focused so we can “steer” our lives to where we want them to go. If your thoughts are bouncing around all over the place, your life will reflect that. Just remembering my experience with that horse has started to help me calm my brain down and focus on one positive thing at a time. For years I’ve prayed and meditated, which of course helps, but something about the combination of Pam’s book and my horse experience have really made it all come together for me. Thank you for letting me share my experience here, and I hope it can help someone else.

– Christine Mooney