Daily Global Meditation – 10/25/16

Here is our daily global meditation and healing for today! I was a little distracted today and felt a little off. However, after it was over I find myself feeling more enthused about what is possible here. I think the key is finding the right format. One challenge that I have is I find myself feeling like I need to engage the viewer, and so am speaking more than I feel is necessary. I want this to be a useful service, and I feel that the format needs to fine tune itself, which I am sure it will continue to do so.

One option is to create a beginner video where we go over some basic “tuning in” concepts such as grounding, opening the heart, etc., and just have the live meditation itself be completely silent except for the music. In other words, there is 15 minutes of silent group meditation followed by the healing. However, many people will be watch this meditation in a recorded format and 15 minutes of silent meditation may not be very useful to people. What not just meditate on your own without the video?

The initial concept of the Global Meditation Network was to have everyone meditating as a group at the same time and to build a powerful group consciousness that could effect change. However, it is challenging to build up momentum and have that many people actually tuning in at the same time. It takes a deep commitment to do so. Plus many people literally can’t meditate live at a set time due to a job, their timezone, etc..  

One interesting thing is the idea that our consciousness can transcend time. When I practice Matrix Energetics, for instance, one concept we use is time travel, where you can take your consciousness back in time to the source point of an issue and open to a shift in the event. Psychics and remote viewers travel in time with their consciousness all the time, and we do so in dreams as well, getting prophetic information about upcoming events. Thusly, having a recorded meditation that people could view at whatever time of the day works for them would be ideal and could still tap into the group meditation effect. A video like this might need to be intellectually engaging, otherwise people would not likely want to tune into it. 

For instance, I am a subscriber of Gaia.com, where I watch a variety of different videos on metaphysical and “alternative” subjects that interest me such as channeling, consciousness, ET contact, UFOs, remote viewing, etc.. I will watch these videos at odd hours of the day or night, whenever I have some free time. I do so because I find the topics stimulating and inspiring.

I’d like the content we produce at the Global Meditation Network to be of similar service, but with a bent toward practical application. 

I think one useful way to provide content would be by channeling information from sources of higher consciousness. I am experimenting with channeling, but it would appear I have a long way to go before I can be useful in this way to other people. Given what I have just discussed I think having the meditations be guided in parts is important for the videos to be engaging.

For me the most enjoyable part is the healings, as I like being a channeling for this energy stream and feel it is definitely useful for people, even if they are not consciously aware of definite shifts at the moment.

I have to go!  Good talk! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions in the comment box.


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