Fukushima Earthquake Peace Meditation

We just conducted a live global meditation focused on the Fukushima earthquake that occurred earlier this morning, Japanese time. Tsunami warnings are in effect, and people are being asked to evacuate. This meditation is designed to use our collective group consciousness to send love, light and healing to the people, land and ocean in the Fukushima area, and to visualize the oceans staying calm and in a normal state.

Daily Global Meditation – 11/21/16

In today’s daily global meditation we explored the opening of the heart to divine love. I employed some toning and we played around with some mantras. At the end of the meditation we sent love to the earth and to someone we know.  Enjoy!

Daily Global Meditation – 11/7/16

Hi everyone. Here is our recorded global meditation for the day. The first 20 minutes are me talking about my thoughts about this online global meditation concept, what I think the challenges are, and how to best move forward to create momentum. The last 15 minutes is silent meditation in the field of the heart. Please feel free to leave your comments as to what you’d like to see the Global Meditation Network be about as we continue to grow and expand. In Love and Light, Darby.

Daily Global Meditation – 10/31/16

Happy Halloween! Here is the recording of our very groggy daily global meditation. I was very sleepy today I let myself sleep in today and then was recording my dreams and playing around with the “dream voice” concept I have heard about from David Wilcock until right before today’s meditation. Today my dream voice said that “silence is the key”.

Daily Global Meditation – 10/27/16

Below is the recorded meditation of today’s global meditation. I shared my thoughts about the ongoing ecological destruction happening on the planet, which was prompted by an article I read on CNN that we are in the middle of a 6th mass extinction event on the earth, and a news story I heard on NPR about yesterday’s bombing of a school in Syria that killed over 20 children and teachers. How do we respond to such disheartening and enraging news like this, and take constructive action as responsible global citizens if the face of something that seems huge and unstoppable? A shift in mass consciousness must happen, and perhaps the first step is going inside and asking what can I do, getting guidance, and then taking action.

Daily Global Meditation 10/26/2016

Here is today’s global meditation. Try the healing in the second half of the meditation and see if you notice a shift in your relationship with the person or problem. See you tomorrow!