global meditation
Join us in Daily Group Meditation

Here is the beginning format of the Global Meditation Network daily meditations. This will grow and evolve as the meditations progress:

-Daily 15-Minute group meditation online or by phone.
-Drop down into our hearts, resting in a unified field with other participants, centered in Love and service.
-Open and receive the Love and Light of the Divine. Let this energy permeate your entire body.
-Radiate this Love and Light of our Creator to others in the meditation circle.
-Radiate the Love and Light of our creator to the Earth and all her creatures: plant, animal and human alike.
-Return and rest in your Heart. Ask the Divine if there is a message for you.
-Ask for guidance on any issue you desire. Set an intention. Say a prayer. Ask for help. Listen.
-Return to waking consciousness. Share any messages received with the group, if desired.


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