Our Daily Group Meditation Format

global meditation
Join us in Daily Group Meditation

Here is the beginning format of the Global Meditation Network daily meditations. This will grow and evolve as the meditations progress:

-Daily 15-Minute group meditation online or by phone.
-Drop down into our hearts, resting in a unified field with other participants, centered in Love and service.
-Open and receive the Love and Light of the Divine. Let this energy permeate your entire body.
-Radiate this Love and Light of our Creator to others in the meditation circle.
-Radiate the Love and Light of our creator to the Earth and all her creatures: plant, animal and human alike.
-Return and rest in your Heart. Ask the Divine if there is a message for you.
-Ask for guidance on any issue you desire. Set an intention. Say a prayer. Ask for help. Listen.
-Return to waking consciousness. Share any messages received with the group, if desired.


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