The Vision for Global Meditation Network in 2020. 

Curious about the vision for Global Meditation Network in 2020? Read on…

The Global Meditation Network started out as a way for people around the world to gather together for daily meditation. In doing so, the idea was to utilize the power of our combined consciousness, grounded in love and in service to our Creator, to support the Earth and its creatures in their journey to self knowledge.

If you’ve watched our video about the benefits of meditation, or have done reading elsewhere, you know there is scientific evidence that our conscious can affect physical reality on a micro and macro level. Of course many religions and esoteric schools of thought also emphasize the power of individual and group prayer and meditation as a means to create change.

During past group meditations, my desire was not to apply some sort of spiritual force to the world in an effort to mold it to a preconceived outcome, but rather to vibrate with others in an energy field of peace, love and unity, and offer this energy to the Earth and mankind as a support for those that wish to receive it. Respecting other’s free will is always paramount.

Where do take our group meditation in 2020?

As we now begin the year of 2020, my desire to be of service to the world is as strong as it has ever been, and I’d like to take Global Meditation Network to the next level of its journey and, after a long hiatus, continue the meditations we began, and begin to explore other ways to grow and journey together on the path of bringing Spirit into form.

Here are some ideas for 2020 that I am planning on bringing into manifestation. If you are interested in joining me in this journey, please let me know:

  • Daily meditations of 30 minutes or less designed to join our group together to create a field of coherent energy grounded in love and unity to support each other and the world in our continued spiritual awakening.
  • “Deep dives” on various esoteric topics with an emphasis on practical application. This might take the form of studying a book, or body of work, and then practicing certain techniques throughout the week, and sharing our experiences.
  • Interviews with guests that are experts in esoteric fields to provide an introduction to their work for the purpose of sparking intellectual curiosity and inspiration for further study.
  • Most exciting for me is a monthly (bi-monthly?) Global Meditation potluck where you can host a meditation circle in your local area, interfaced with other local circles all over the globe. Each meditation circle will be listed in a local meditation circle directory, for easy reference. This is an opportunity to make face-to-face connections (gasp*) with other humans to share in camaraderie, laughter and love as you explore topics of mutual interest together.
*A little “Haha” for us introverts!

Sounds great! What’s the next step?

The above ideas would in reality be a full-time job to properly implement and manifest, and as I work full-time in the IT field, I am not at all certain how to manifest this in the time I have available, (in the midst of other additional projects both personal, and in cooperation with my wife on our property, Healing Acres Farm). However, I think putting the vision out there and taking one step at a time is better then no steps at all!

Join us!

Interested in taking part in some of these endeavors, and/or supporting it in some way? Let me know with a comment below, or by contact me at the Contact Us page on the website.

Here’s to an rich and deep 2020, filled with discovery, healing, joy, and clarity of vision, grounded in the love and light of our one infinite Creator!


3 Replies to “The Vision for Global Meditation Network in 2020. ”

  1. Lorenzo


    thankfully I found your site!

    I was looking for a tool to create meditation meetups!

    My vision is to make meditation meetups easy accessible, online buy also live. Hosting myself meditations and connecting with people.

    As I also work as a Website developer I first imagined to build a Website myself but If you like I can join you.

    Let me know if you want to develope the site further!



  2. Sheena glass

    I’m very keen on regular group meditations and also would like to create face to face meditation sessions in my own town in the future. I just need to know what times the collactive consciousness meditations will be in New Zealand time . Many thanks … (this is all very exciting.

    • Darby

      Wonderful Sheena, happy to have you on board. As soon as I finalize the times I will let you know in our Facebook group and page. It will most likely be sometime between 1 – 4 PM, New Zealand time.

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